Diesel engine & generator Oil Gujarat, India.

Looking for a Kohler diesel engine in Gujarat? We are an Authorized Kohler oil supplier in Gujarat. Generator Set Oil / Genset Oil 40 is blended from highly refined base stocks with a high-velocity index and additives that impart detergent, dispersant, antioxidant and anti-wear properties. Besides lowering the maintenance cost, generator set oil / Genset oil 40 enhances the engine life with minimum wear and tear and controls sludge. 


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Get quality Oil for generators in Gujarat. Generator Set Oil 20w-40 meets the performance level of API CF, IS: 13656-2002, EDL-2, SAE 20W-40


Diesel engine & generator oil suppliers in Gujarat


  • Our competitively priced products are used in various states for India. KOEL CARE Genuine Oil Super has been specially formulated for Kirloskar-make engines. It maximizes engine performance and also offers extended drain intervals. It is highly recommended for the following applications. Excellent protection from engine wearing - protects from sludge, wearing and deposits for prolonged engine life.
  • Reduces corrosion and deposits under arduous operating conditions.
  • Extended drain interval of 500* hours – Provides greater savings due to reduction in maintenance cost.
  • The viscometry combined with high viscosity index ensures lower oil consumption.
  • Capable of providing interval of 500* hours – Provides greater savings due to reduction in maintenance cost.
  • The Oil enhances engine performance due to the synergy of the superior base oils, thereby extending oil service life.
  • They are extensively tested under various atmospheric conditions for high performance.
  • The specially formulated Oil has improved lubricant film strength for heavy load.
  • Advanced Additive Technology provides exceptional cleansing.
  • The enhanced antioxidant feature makes it resistant to oil thickening.
  • Extreme resistance to oil evaporation for lower oil consumption
  • Reduce maintenance cost, thereby providing greater savings
  • increase thermal and oxidation stability
  • enhance engine protection and better fuel economy
  • High strength engine protection against wear and tear
  • increases short-term and long-term engine performance

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